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Graffiti + drawings

I've been out and about lately, which means (well, usually means) more graffiti photos. There's some 20+ new ones that I've added, and they can be found here. My favourite out of the recent lot:


Aside from that, I finally got off my butt and drew some stuff! They're just random bits from the last month or so.

Charcoal, A3. My sister, playing the piano. She won't sit for me otherwise!

Odd self-portrait, A3, pen. Doesn't really look like me.

James, A4, marker. James had two Copic markers so I stole them to draw him! It would have been nice to have more than two shades; maybe five. It doesn't quite look like him (angle is a bit off; he kept moving, how inconsiderate) although his mum could recognise him easily enough! Have to work more on this capturing likeness thing. I keep wondering if there's a special something I'm missing or whether it's just more observation and practice?

Self-portrait, A3, marker. This one is a decent likeness. Something a little off about the angle; should really work more with charcoal or pencil or something so I could correct it instead of committing to it with marker. Plus, I'm drawing the same-old; time to do something different!
Tags: charcoal, drawing, graffiti, marker, sketch
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