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I'm going hiking in two days and I'm 90% packed and bored. I figured it was an okay time to waste time on LJ.

1) Eight new graffiti photos up. The orange one with the turtle on it is my favourite of this recent lot!

2) Some things I found in my officespace at uni:

(The postcard was really about raising awareness for schizophrenia)

Proof that Freud is a muppet.

3) Some charcoal sketches, including Selphie of FFVIII (G).


The first of the night, in response to this week's cockeyed_art challenge.

So, I was still totally bored. Here's a kind-of-me looking incredibly bored and grumpy, bonus face-being-pulled-by-hand.

Practicing figures, quickly:

Drawing yourself from the back is twisty and hard. =( Same with trying to look at yourself in the mirror out of the corner of your eye; I've drawn myself slouching!
Tags: ffviii, graffiti, selphie, sketch
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