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My Name is Kim Sam-Soon: Marker sketches

Firstly, four new photos added to the graffiti set! I'd really like to go down to Fremantle because there's lots of interesting graffiti there. ^^

Secondly, a friend pointed me to this most excellent gallery of Dirty Car Art photos. This is much like another love of mine, reverse graffiti- two excellent examples are UK-based Paul Curtis and Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion. And while I'm mentioning alternate forms of graffiti, a very interesting one is Melbourne artist BUFFdiss' masking tape graffiti. One day I think I shall make the move into creating graffiti.

In other news, someone burned me some Korean drama (and Avatar: The Last Airbender) and so I watched My Name is Kim Sam-Soon. Anyway, the usual deal- watched with sketchpad and marker in hand.

All marker, A3 pages. I'm happiest with the last lot of sketches of Kim Sun-Ah. Her character is constantly called "fat" by other characters in the series but all I see is a much more well-proportioned lady! The good looks of Daniel Henney just can't seem to be captured by me. ^^

My markers are running out. ;_;

Tags: graffiti, my name is kim sam-soon, sketch
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